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The Instructors:

Mary Cahill-Roberts

* TBA Officer & Board Member

* Certified Welch Honey Judge

* TBA Mentor Program Coordinator

* GA-MBP Journeyman Beekeeper

Gary Cooke

* TBA Past President

* Coweta Beekeepers Past President

* 2004 TBA Beekeeper of the Year

* Distinguished Short Course Instructor




For other class offerings, try the Cherokee Beekeepers and the Coweta Beekeepers.


Beekeeping for Beginners

Saturday, 19-Jan-2013



See our Craigslist announcement under General Community.





PN Williams

* 2012 GBA Fall Meeting Keynote Speaker

* TBA Co-Founder & Past President

* 1996 GBA Beekeeper of the Year

Linda Tillman

* GA-MBP Master Beekeeper

* Honey Show Champion

* Blog author of Linda's Bees

Buster Lane

* GA-MBP Certified Beekeeper

* Purveyor of Nucleus Hives and Beekeeping Equipment through Buster's Bees

* Distinguished Mentor & Instructor

Jerry Edwards

* Current GBA President

* Coweta Beekeepers Past President

* Distinguished Short Course Instructor



For other class offerings, try the Cherokee Beekeepers and the Coweta Beekeepers.

What, Where and When?

The tentative list of presentations is as follows:

       • The honeybee as an individual and colony

       • Beekeeping equipment and the Langstroth Hive

       • Ordering and installing bees from packages & nucleus hives ("nucs")

       • Apiary (bee farm) location, etiquette and safety

       • Smoker lighting workshop

       • Honey extraction demonstration

       • Current issues facing beekeepers

       • Foraging nectar plants

Well, is your interest piqued?  Here are some more details:


Saturday, 19-Jan-2013



8AM - 4:15 PM



Georgia Power Building
Kiwanis Room

752 Main Street
Forest Park, GA 30297

Fee:                        $65 - Regular registration (Must be received by Monday, 14-Jan-2013)


$75 - Late registration (Received after 14-Jan-2013, or at the door)



Download our Brochure and Registration Form

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  The brochure is in .pdf format and requires the free Adobe Reader software to open.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I am interested in learning more about bees, but I don't necessarily want to be a beekeeper. Am I welcome to attend?

A1. YES. Please join us, and be sure to come to the Tara club's monthly meetings (since a free membership is included!)

where we often have guest speakers talking about things other than just nuts-n-bolts beekeeping... such as candle, soap &

mead (honey wine) making, cooking with honey, marketing, & gardening!


Q2. Do you offer any family discounts?

A2. Yes. A spouse of a registered participant will receive a $15 discount. So, a married couple (of one household) can

early register for $105 ($60 + 45).  Kids (17 & under), accompanied by a registered adult, may attend for $25 each. For

example, a parent & child can early register for $85 ($60 + 25); both parents & one child would be $130 ($105 + 25).
Sorry, but children may not attend without an adult.


Q3. I might be allergic to bee stings. Will there be bees at the Short Course?

A3. No. While there are often bees outdoors (where ever you go), we will not have any presentations, demonstrations

or workshops using live bees. If you are at risk for a systemic (anaphylactic) reaction to bee stings, you should take the

appropriate measures (ie. carry an Epi-Pen, etc.) for your general safety at all times.


Q4. What do I need to bring to the short course?

A4. Feel free to bring anything that you might need to safely enjoy a day of presentations. A few suggestions are:

layered clothing, a pen & notebook, a seat cushion, your own coffee cup or water bottle, etc..

Send an email to webmaster@tarabeekeepers.org for more informationPlease join us for a fun day! 


Thank you for visiting the Tara Beekeepers Association website.  Please direct any questions or comments to webmaster@tarabeekeepers.org