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Monday, February 15th, 7pm  ~  ONLINE MTG
This Old Hive - Creative Hive Painting Tips

Tara Beekeepers has invited Julia Mahood to speak on how she taps into her creativity when it comes to painting her beehives! Join us on February 15th via Zoom as she discusses what inspires her and how you can find inspiration too.


Julia Mahood is a Master Beekeeper with a long career in graphic design and fine art. She has won many awards in local, state and national honey shows for her hive products and fine art. Julia’s presentation will cover materials, methods, and where to find creative inspiration to paint hives and make them works of art.


Door prize: 10-frame assembly jiig. You must be a Tara club member to be eligible!


Club Calendar at a Glance

When it is once again safe to be in the company of others, our Hands-On training in the Bee Yard will take place near downtown Decatur. Registration is required. You can register by emailing us at and we will provide you with more details.

February 15 VIA Zoom: 

Julia Mahood: Creative Ideas for Hive Decorating!  

March 16th VIA Zoom: 

PN Williams: Spring Management and Buildup

April 20th VIA  Zoom: 

GBA Webinar TBD / Hive Painting Contest Judged by Julia Mahood.  

May 18  VIA Zoom: GBA Webinar TBD 

June 15 VIA Zoom: Creative Packaging to sell your honey!  

Looking for material to keep your home-bound students engaged? Let us help you learn about Honeybees and Pollinators!  Contact us to arrange a time to talk by phone or video chat with you or your students about things like:
  • Why we need pollinators and how to they do their job
  • Identifying bees, wasps and hornets
  • Honeybee Biology and their life cycle
  • Flowers and Pollination
  • Products produced by Honeybees: Honey, Wax & Propolis
  • How weather affects the work of the Honeybee
  • Honeybees by the Numbers: Their Reliable Arithmetic and Geometry


Call us at 404-369-3809 or email at for more information and to work out the details.


Our regular meetings are currently online and we're still taking care of honeybees.  It's a great way to spend some time outside and alone -- along with tens of thousands of insects!! 
Really, though, this is a great hobby you can enjoy alone or with your family or share with good friends.
Would you like to learn more?  Give us a call at 404-369-3809 or email at
and we'll answer your questions.
Try Beneficial Insects around your hives to mitigate Small Hive Beetles

Phillip Tedders of Southeastern Insectaries states that beneficial Nematodes are an environmentally friendly, biological alternative to the use of toxic chemical pesticides as a means to control pests. His website is loaded with info explains the distinctions between nematodes and which ones specifically target Small Hive Beetles. Phillip will be one of our Guest Speakers we resume our meetings.


You can order packages of Nematodes by calling Southeastern Insectaries at 478-988-9412 or emailing:

Flowering Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Forbs for Honeybees & Pollinators

It's not too late to get flowering plants in the ground to help boost food sources for pollinators. Jim and Debi, at Nearly Native Nursery, provide reliable information and year-round support to those who aim to plant native and nearly native species. Their selection of plants is extensive and they will happily take time to help you determine the best plants for your needs and specific growing conditions. Jim and Debi have attended our meetings and brought a range of plants with them that they sale to our members at a discounted rate.


You can order any of there plants for pick-up or to have shipped to you by calling 770-460-6184 or by filling out their online form.

Introduction to Beekeeping for Young People

We offer a fun hands-on experience for young people who want to learn about honeybees & pollinators.

Click HERE for more details

We annually present a Beekeeper of the Year award to individuals who support our club, serve others, advocate for beekeeping, and go the extra mile to make beekeeping accessible to all. 


Charlotte Roden - 2013, w/ PN Williams

Buster Lane 2014, w/ PN Williams

Fran Lane - 2015

Jerry Haygood & David Brookshire - 2017

keif schleifer - 2018, w/ Taffee Oakes, Ronnie Brannon & Stephen Boalch

Pat Brookshire - 2016


Ronnie Brannon - 2019

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