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7pm February 17th, 2020

Bee Jobs: The Importance of Biology

Our Hands-On training in the Bee Yard takes place near downtown Decatur and registration is required. You can register by emailing us at and we will provide you with more details.

Feb 16   Bee Yard / Hands On / 1pm / Reg. Req'd

​Feb 17   Reg. Monthly Meeting 7:00pm

Mar 15   Bee Yard / Hands On / 1pm / Reg. Req'd

​Mar 16   Reg. Monthly Meeting 7:00pm

Apr 6     Board Meeting  6:30pm

Apr 19   Bee Yard / Hands On / 1pm / Reg. Req'd

​Apr 20   Reg. Monthly Meeting 7:00pm

May 17   Bee Yard / Hands On / 1pm / Reg. Req'd

​May 18   Reg. Monthly Meeting 7:00pm

Jun 14   Bee Yard / Hands On / 1pm / Reg. Req'd

​Jun 15   Reg. Monthly Meeting 7:00pm

Jul 6       Board Meeting  6:30pm

Jul 19     Bee Yard / Hands On / 1pm / Reg. Req'd

​Jul 20     Reg. Monthly Meeting 7:00pm

Aug 16   Bee Yard / Hands On / 1pm / Reg. Req'd

​Aug 17   Reg. Monthly Meeting 7:00pm

Sep 20  Bee Yard / Hands On / 1pm / Reg. Req'd

​Sep 21   Honey-Palooza OPEN HOUSE 7:00pm

​Oct 5     Board Meeting 6:30pm

​Oct 18   Fall Picnic 1:00-4:00pm

Oct 19   Bee Yard / Hands On / 1pm / Reg. Req'd

​Nov 15   Bee Yard / Hands On / 1pm / Reg. Req'd

​Nov 16   Reg. Monthly Meeting 7:00pm

Dec 6     Bee Yard / Hands On / 1pm / Reg. Req'd

​Dec        Christmas Dinner & Holiday Party

Become a better beekeeper by understanding the correlation between the honey bees' division of work and their biology. Master Beekeeper and Senior Welsh Honey Judge, Mary Cahill-Roberts, of Swarm Chasers Apiaries, illustrates this concept in a visual presentation.


The more knowledgeable we are about honey bees' life cycle, biology, anatomy, and tasks, the better prepared we will be to manage our colonies. Mastery of this information will help you make successful splits, extract products from the hive in a way that doesn't stress the bees, decide upon pest treatment and how/when to use it, rear queens, rescue swarms, and get your bees through a healthy year in the bee yard.

After this presentation, PN Williams will lead our Beekeepers' Corner with his Tips and Tricks for Catching Swarms.  We will also have a drawing for a swarm trap built by our club VP, Pat McNeil.

7pm March 16th, 2020

Bees & Trees

Jimmy Gatt, UGA Certified Beekeeper, returns to our club with an expanded version of his presentation from last year. He will also brings us new information about:
       * invasive plants that look like good bee plants but are actually harmful,
       * exotic trees that are good for bees and whether we should use them or not

       * how to plant for honey bees

Jimmy recently established a partnership between Trees Atlanta and Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association to plant more summer-blooming trees in Atlanta.

After Jimmy's presentation, our Beekeepers' Corner will feature info about how honeybees access pollen, nectar, and resin from plants.

Debi and Jim Rogers, from Nearly Native Nursery, will also at our meeting with a range of plants highlighted in Jimmy's presentation. These plants (forbs, shrubs, trees and vines, will be for sale and they will happily bring with them anything you may order ahead of time.

Nearly Native Nursery is a specialty nursery that promotes, sells, and propagates southeastern native plants for all types of landscapes with a wide variety of native southeastern plant life not found in typical garden centers.

7pm April 20th, 2020

Beneficial Insects to Help Beekeepers

Phillip Tedders of Southeastern Insectaries will explain how beneficial Nematodes are an environmentally friendly, biological alternative to the use of toxic chemical pesticides as a means to control pests. He will clarify the distinctions between nematodes and show us which ones specifically target Small Hive Beetles.


Phillip will have packages of Nematodes for sale at our meeting but it is advisable to pre-order them by calling or emailing Southeastern Insectaries at 478-988-9412

Introduction to Beekeeping for Young People

We offer a fun hands-on experience for young people who want to learn about honeybees & pollinators.

Click HERE for more details

We annually present a Beekeeper of the Year award to individuals who support our club, serve others, advocate for beekeeping, and go the extra mile to make beekeeping accessible to all. 

Charlotte Roden - 2013, w/ PN Williams

Buster Lane 2014, w/ PN Williams

Fran Lane - 2015

Pat Brookshire - 2016

Jerry Haygood & David Brookshire - 2017

keif schleifer - 2018, w/ Taffee Oakes, Ronnie Brannon & Stephen Boalch

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