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Monday, September 18th, 7pm 
Topic:  Apitherapy
Speaker: Mary Cahill-Roberts

The definition of apitherapy is: "the use of products derived from bees as medicine, including venom, honey, pollen, and royal jelly." Master Beekeeper Mary Cahill-Roberts will give an overview of how bee hive products may improve your health 

Mary has been involved with beekeeping since 2008. She is the owner of Swarm Chasers Apiaries and is a Senior Honey Judge. She has served at the local and state level in various positions of Secretary through President and is a member of Tara and West Georgia Beekeeper Clubs. She has maintained her apiaries by the Certified Naturally Grown method since the beginning. 


Mary is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping other beekeepers be better producers of hive products such as honey, wax, and comb. She speaks at the local, state and national level about bees and honey production, as well as judging honey shows. She strives to continue to improve her own knowledge of bees, hive products and Apitherapy.   

Tara Beekeepers Association invites you to join our club!
Membership is $25, and includes family members.
We take payment in the form of cash, check, or credit card (at our meetings). If you would like to send a check, please make it payable to Tara Beekeepers Association and send to:
David Brookshire, Treasurer
1925 Fisher Drive
Stockbridge, GA 30281:


Beginning in 2023, we will host our monthly meetings at the Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church in East Point, GA. This is centrally located in the South Metro Atlanta area. Our monthly meetings take place on the third Monday of each month, at 7pm. They are free to attend, and we welcome anyone who is interested in learning about honey bees!

Jefferson Avenue Baptist Church

1150 Jefferson Avenue

East Point, GA 30344

Directions to Fellowship Hall Meeting Room: Please park behind the church on the southeast side (Batavia St and Winburn Drive). Entrance is located on this back side of the building.

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