Monday, August 15th, 7pm 
Speaker: Tom Bonnell
Topic:  Preparing Beehives for Winter

Our speaker this month will be Tom Bonnell and his topic, Preparing Beehives For Winter, is a look at typical activity in winterizing Georgia beehives along with a video that is sure to impress!


Tom offers programs about beekeeping, vegetable gardening and almost any other subject when someone calls looking for a guest speaker. In fact, his favorite hobby, beekeeping, offers numerous opportunities to talk about beekeeping experiences with schools, clubs, and other affiliations with the hope of increasing the number of future beekeepers. Tom decided to become a hobbyist beekeeper in 1996 so his gardens would grow great vegetables from pollination by the honeybees. He and his wife Debbie, both retired, live on eight acres in Hampton, Georgia and stay active with beekeeping and gardening.


The meeting will start atpm.  Please feel free to join us in person at the Reynolds Nature Preserve or by Zoom. If Zooming, please send a request for the link to our club's  email:


Door prize: We have a few great door prizes this month: an IPM screened bottom board, a division board feeder plus a few other giveaways. You must be a Tara club member to be eligible for the door prizes.



Our meetings are held in person at the Reynolds Nature Preserve,  

5665 Reynolds Road, Morrow, GA 30260. This meeting is also offered via ZOOM.

Please send an email request for the link.

Try Beneficial Insects around your hives to mitigate small hive beetles


Phillip Tedders of Southeastern Insectaries states that beneficial Nematodes are an environmentally friendly, biological alternative to the use of toxic chemical pesticides as a means to control pests.

The original research on the use of beneficial nematodes against Small Hive Beetle was conducted by Southeastern Insectaries and UGA.

Tests by Southeastern Insectaries have determined that Heterorhabditis Indica (H.i.) is highly effective in controlling Small Hive Beetle populations.

If you'd like to order nematodes, call 478-988-9412 or email


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