Monday, January 17th, 7pm  
Guest Speaker: Mary Cahill-Roberts
Topic: "Honey Bee Nutrition"

Honey bee nutrition is complex and unique. Honey bees require essential ingredients for survival and reproduction—from pollen and nectar, to amino acids, lipids, fats, sterols vitamins, minerals, and water. To add a layer of complexity, nutritional requirements vary depending on whether it’s for the colony, the adult bee or the larvae. Master beekeeper Mary Cahill-Roberts will speak to honey bee nutrition on all levels, and tell us what we can do to ensure that our bees stay healthy.


Mary Cahill-Roberts’ beekeeping journey began in 2008 when she was inspired by an article about backyard beekeeping. She became a Certified Beekeeper and Certified Honey Judge by 2009, Master Beekeeper by 2013, and President of GBA from 2015-16. She has also held office as President of Tara Beekeepers Association, and in 2017, earned a Sr Welsh Honey Judge title. Within this period she raised a family and in 2018 completed her Doctorate, all while running a full-time medical practice for the underserved.

She continues to dedicate her time holding officer and board positions, speaking to the public and teaching classes.

Note: Due to the elevated levels of Covid this month, our meeting will be held via Zoom. Please send us an email at to receive the ZOOM link.

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