Monday, October 18th
7pm  ~  via ZOOM
Guest Speaker: 
Linda Tillman
"Cooking With Honey"

Imagine a full course meal where every item on the menu—cocktail, appetizer, bread, side dishes, entrée, and dessert—has honey as an ingredient. For our October meeting, Master Beekeeper Linda Tillman is doing just that. Please join us for this delectable presentation, where you may pick up a few cooking tips, and some new recipes.

Linda Tillman is an Atlanta Master Beekeeper who had kept bees since 2006. Her blog “Linda’s Bees” ( chronicles her beekeeping journey from the very beginning and is a great resource for new beekeepers. She is past President of Georgia Beekeepers Association, current secretary of MABA, and runs MABAs hive inspection program.

If you would like to attend this meeting, please drop us an email to receive the ZOOM link.

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Our regular meetings take place via Zoom on the third Monday of each month, at 7 pm.
We welcome anyone who is interested in learning about honey bees!
Try Beneficial Insects around your hives to mitigate Small Hive Beetles

Phillip Tedders of Southeastern Insectaries states that beneficial Nematodes are an environmentally friendly, biological alternative to the use of toxic chemical pesticides as a means to control pests. His website is loaded with info explains the distinctions between nematodes and which ones specifically target Small Hive Beetles. Phillip will be one of our Guest Speakers we resume our meetings.


You can order packages of Nematodes by calling Southeastern Insectaries at 478-988-9412 or emailing:

Flowering Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Forbs for Honeybees & Pollinators

It's not too late to get flowering plants in the ground for next years pollinators. Jim and Debi, at Nearly Native Nursery, provide reliable information and year-round support to those who aim to plant native and nearly native species. Their selection of plants is extensive and they will happily take time to help you determine the best plants for your needs and specific growing conditions. Jim and Debi have attended our meetings and brought a range of plants with them that they sale to our members at a discounted rate.


You can order any of there plants for pick-up or to have shipped to you by calling 770-460-6184 or by filling out their online form.

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