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The Tara Beekeepers Association

Jerry Haygood, Tara Beekeepers' 2017 Beekeeper of the Year, works with Tara Board Member, Maurice Rochester, as the teach at our Children's Introduction to Beekeeping program.

Past-president, Melanie Maxwell, teaching students about honeybees  at our Children's Introduction to Beekeeping program.

Since our founding in the early 1980's, the Tara Beekeepers Association fosters opportunities that help build skills, appreciation and understanding of the fundamentals associated with beekeeping. 


Like the honeybees, we know there is great value in  harnessing the collective wisdom and skills of our members.  We aim to cultivate the social aspects of beekeeping and invite you to share in that with us.

PN Williams, Tara Beekeepers Association Co-founder and Past-President of the Georgia Beekeepers Association, has been a mentor to many beekeepers for decades. He is committed to helping new beekeepers develop a solid foundation and often teaches introductory courses for beginners. He also lectures widely to young audiences encouraging their interest and enthusiasm for honeybees.

Beekeeper of the Year

We annually present a Beekeeper of the Year award to individuals who support our club, serve others, advocate for beekeeping, and go the extra mile to make beekeeping accessible to all. 


Charlotte Roden - 2013, w/ PN Williams

Jerry Haygood & David Brookshire - 2017

Buster Lane 2014, w/ PN Williams

Fran Lane - 2015

Pat Brookshire - 2016

keif schleifer - 2018, w/ Taffee Oakes, Ronnie Brannon & Stephen Boalch


Ronnie Brannon - 2019

Deb DeWitt-BOY.jpg

Deb DeWitt - 2021

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