2022 Officers and Board of Directors

President: Deb DeWitt

Vice President: Mary Cahill-Roberts

Secretary: Cynthia Roseberry

Treasurer: David Brookshire

Directors through 2022Ronnie Brannon & Kat Bennett

Directors through 2023:  Jerry Haygood & David Mallett 

Directors through 2024Doug Clack   

President Emerita: Evelyn Williams

President Emeritus: PN Williams

2022 Board of Directors' Meetings


Q2: April 14th

Q3: July 12th

Q4: October 11th

Meetings are held at the Reynolds Nature Preserve (same location as our regular monthly meetings). Attendance is required of all current Directors & Officers of the Club. While only the duly elected Directors & Officers cast votes, all Tara members are welcome to attend and share your opinions at the Board Meetings. 


Please contact an officer for more info or to RSVP. 

Don't forget to bring a dish if you would like to participate in the potluck!

Position Appointments

Updates & Announcements

      Deb DeWitt

Bee-Yard Leaders

      PN Williams

      Deb DeWitt

      MAry Cahill-Roberts

      Jerry Haygood

      David Brookshire

Raffle Coordinator

      Stephen Boalch


      Deb DeWitt


Club Librarian

     Evelyn Williams

     PN Williams

     keif schleifer

Website Contributors

     Deb DeWitt

GBA-BoD Delegate

     Deb DeWitt

Club Photographer

      Meredith White

      Pat McNeil

Committees (open for any member to join)

Nominations Committee

Picnic Committee

Long Course Committee

Holiday Party and Christmas Dinner

Club History and Archives

Beekeeper of the Year