Beekeepers Corner & Bee-yard Essentials

The beginning of a lifetime of learning!


Throughout the year, the Tara Beekeepers conduct informative programming for new and hopeful beekeepers with learning opportunities at each of our monthly meetings and scheduled outings.  Our Beekeepers Corner program commits a portion of our regular meeting time to in-depth conversations around questions and observations our club members share with one another and our Bee-yard Essentials program offers hands-on, one-to-one or small group training in the field at various apiaries.

These programs include an overview of the honeybee, info about bee hives and how manipulate them, the tools a beekeeper needs, honey harvesting, experiences shared by new beekeepers, and more. In the past, we have created opportunities for members to build swarm boxes, try on protective clothing, practice bottling honey and handle live bees.

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