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Beekeeper of the Year

We annually present a Beekeeper of the Year award to individuals who support our club, serve others, advocate for beekeeping, and go the extra mile to make beekeeping accessible to all. 


Charlotte Roden - 2013, w/ PN Williams

Jerry Haygood & David Brookshire - 2017

Buster Lane 2014, w/ PN Williams

Fran Lane - 2015

Pat Brookshire - 2016

keif schleifer - 2018, w/ Taffee Oakes, Ronnie Brannon & Stephen Boalch


Ronnie Brannon - 2019

Deb DeWitt-BOY.jpg

Deb DeWitt - 2021

Instagram & Twitter @TaraBeekeepers      Facebook @TaraBeekeepersAssociation

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