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Monthly Drawings

The Tara club holds a fun door prize drawing at each regular monthly meeting.  Prizes are donated by the club, as well as contributed by individual members, and range from beekeeping tools & equipment to honey bee and beekeeping related arts & crafts, books and treats. 


Be sure to enter the drawing at the beginning of each meeting to participate and support our club.

Quarterly Drawings

The Tara club holds a Quarterly drawing four times a year (at the monthly meetings in March, June, & September and at the annual holiday party in December).  The prizes are more significant than monthly door prizes.  Bring your quarterly tickets to each subsequent quarterly drawing because the same tickets are good all year long!  You must be a member to win.


Be sure to enter this drawing throughout the year. (Donations to this drawing are used for our guest speaker fees, outreach & education activities and bee-yard teaching support, as well as the annual picnic & holiday party expenses). 

March quarterly prize



June quarterly prize



December Quarterly Prize



Tara's End-of-Year, Hand-Crafted Hive

Our most treasured prize is awarded at the end of the year during our Annual Holiday Party & Christmas Dinner.  It is a hand-crafted hive created by one of our club founders, PN Williams.

The 2018 hive was a General Store, and the 2017 hive was a replica of an old, one-room school house with a metal roof.  It had a bell tower with a bell that really worked.  The 2016 hive was a delightful barn with a cedar-shingled, gambrel roof.  In 2015, PN built an old-fashioned country church complete with a steeple. Every component of that bee hive was put together with dowels… even the frames.


Tickets for this prize are only available to club members from January to November.

You must be a member to win


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